Monty. For big teams, connected.

Monty is a mobile action station: a messaging app built to keep big teams connected. It's news, fundraising and feedback, for modern teams that get stuff done and change the world.

See what Monty means for you

Reach your team, wherever they are.

Share a direct line of communication with everybody. Ask for help, share an update, ping them a document, or just say 'hey' 👋.

A group messaging app that grows with you.

Whether you're 50 or 50,000, use simple, targeted communications to get your message to the people who need to see it.

Monty. Built for action.

Gather on-the-ground feedback from everyone with broadcast messages and polls.

Monty. Built for action.

Ramp up your donations with one-click fundraising.

Monty. Built for action.

Getting action from big teams is as easy as tap...tap...done.

Power to your team. Power to you.

Bring the right people together in public or private groups. Let them share ideas, documents and action plans with you, and with each other.

Monty benefits for your organisation.

Get your voice heard with Monty

You deserve to be heard.

Wherever you are, share a direct line of communication with your team. Respond to broadcast messages from your leadership, and get your voice heard by voting on issues that matter to you.

Never miss a beat.

Get updates from your organisation, straight to your phone. Follow news, blogs, training programmes and interest groups, so you can stay on top of information that's relevant to you.

How Monty works for you

Get involved in the things you care about.

How Monty works for you

Make your stamp on the data your organisation will take seriously.

How Monty works for you

Take charge and get your voice heard.

Get stuff done and change the world.

Bring your messages, groups, resources, documents and fundraisers together in a single, searchable app. Monty is everything in one place, so you can focus on what's important.

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