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5 ways to improve communication in the workplace

31/ 12/ 16 Mariel Rubinstein

We can all agree that communication is one of the most important things in life. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to develop the relationships we have with pretty much anyone in the world. So, effective communication in the workplace is just as crucial.


As it is, a huge 41% of companies make the mistake of having a lack of communication between staff and management when managing their employees. They’re missing out big time. The ability to have open and honest conversations with your employees will make better use of their knowledge and ideas, build a stronger community amongst the company and ultimately increase your employees performance.

Sound easier said than done? Don’t panic, we’ve put together 5 things you can do to improve communication in the workplace.


  1. 1. Start giving frequent updates



No one likes being kept in the dark whether it’s at work or in our everyday lives. Your employees want to be in the know and in real time. Establish a way you can share information with your staff regularly and easily. This could be via a webpage with frequent updates or a weekly or monthly newsletter. Just being kept in the loop will make communication much easier.


  1. 2. Use mobile tools



Let’s face it, almost everyone has a mobile phone within reaching distance on a day-to-day basis. So, it’s a smart idea to start taking advantage of it. People like getting their information quickly and on the go so internal work-related apps like Monty really make use of this.


  1. 3. Make company-wide conversations possible



Using technology like instant messaging is a great way of holding conversations with people across the entire company. Managing multiple conversations becomes simple and collaborating with off-site staff is a breeze. You can also archive group and individual chat logs, which are great for referring back to.


  1. 4. Gather feedback



Use surveys or polls to ask your employees the questions you’re dying to ask and discover how they really feel. Not only is this is this a great way of communicating in general but it’ll also give you access to a direct feed of ideas.


  1. 5. Set the example from the top



If the people up top aren’t leading the example, it’s going to be difficult to get your employees to suddenly be an open book. So, tell your managers to start sharing ideas and feedback as well as giving comments and answers. This will encourage the same kind of behaviour across the entire company.


Mariel Rubinstein

Digital Content Producer from London

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